Shadow Walk Bug

If you use Shadow Walk and enter a building (the ones with an interact button to it) It will make the Shadow Walk last forever.

if you look at the screenshot, I am currently invisible and there isn’t an icon above the health bar indicating that the ability time is running out.

Also if I use another ability like Shunpo, or any other ability that will cancel the Shadow Walk ability, it won’t go through with that.

did you get any error message in the dev console? i wasn’t able to replicate this.

I don’t think I checked, but I found out that if you use a potion or fruit, it will turn it back to normal, very weird bug. After that, I tried replicating the glitch but it wouldn’t work, so now I’m not very sure about what caused it.

if u use shadow walk again and do whatever do disable it, it’ll function as normal again