Several bugs I've encountered

Note: these bugs may be old/already known, but I tried to narrow them down

• Blink has no lightning trail
•Blink makes your next magic bomb deal no damage
•Magic bomb sometimes disappears during auto aim
•Certain items glitch and delete themselves if you try to drop them
•Party teleporting may be broken
•Nothing can be added to the 10th hotbar
•Items delete themselves if you pick them up with a full inventory
•Sprinting while casting a fishing rod will give infinite sprint

First off, the errors I received when I joined may relate to the other bugs, so here they are

Blink & magic bomb bugs: As of right now, the blink lightning trail no longer appears, and the next magic bomb you do after you blink does not deal damage. Magic bomb also glitches occasionally, and the actual projectile will sometimes never appear. I’m not sure what triggers this, but this happens most often during pvp.

(the first errors are what you get when you use blink, the latest error is what you get when magic bomb fails)

Item drop glitches: Certain items are unable to be dropped and attempting to do so will completely delete the item. The items I’ve currently tested this out on are my mage exclusive clothing and my mushroom hat (I need a restore please lol)

Party joining: Whenever I try to join new servers with my party, the teleport breaks and we get stuck in a loading screen (I have no proof for this rn)

10th Hotbar: It doesn’t work…

Full inventory bug: I’m sure you know this, but picking up items with a full inventory will delete the item you tried to pick up. (No proof rn)

Fishing rod glitch: Infinite running with a fishing rod (sorry guys lol). If you use a fishing rod while sprinting, your stamina becomes infinite. You can then click out of the game to let go of shift and run around or something (This can be abused in PvP).


for getting the mushroom hat back you just need to go to the chest again. the chests let you re-open them after a certain amount of time.

Not golden ones

Oh ok I didn’t know that.

thanks for the TL;DR. I appreciate it : )

Yeah all these bugs need to be fixed.