Server level limit- Server level balancing

So what I wanted to propose, is server level limit, for places like Enchanted Forest or anywhere dedicated to mob spawns. For example, a limit of 150 (5 level 30’s), as farming becomes increasingly difficult when higher levels start to appear more oftenly, and I do expect someone to say “well level up then” but this is not just for me, it’s to help many of the low levels who spend 4 seconds trying to kill a spider, only for a level 30 to come and steal the kill. When there are more higher leveled people in the server, it becomes increasingly difficult to farm so a level limit for servers would be nice.

Also, the second part of the title states “Server level balancing” and by that I mean in mob dedicated servers, have similar levels join eachother. For example, one server would consist of lvls 1-9, another would consist of 10-15, the next 16-21, the last being 22-30. To bypass this, parties should all be able to join in the same server.

I see, but it would be kind of hard to divide different levels into different servers, and getting a certain amount in one server.

well I mean, the only reason high levels are in enchanted forest in the first place are cuz well, there’s no better place to farm ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯ (edit: unless they’re literally just trying to annoy u)

Just look at seaside, there’s like barely anyone there n0w(i think, I mean, I haven’t been there many times but whenever i have there’s like barely anyone there)