Separate servers for different people at the Colosseum

now i know some people will call me a wuss for thinking of this, but hear me out.

I’ve been feeling that the colosseum has been too hard on people that are lower levels than most people, and maybe they just want to fight equally. So I propose an idea. what if different levels have seperate servers SPECIFICALLY for the colosseum? levels 1-10 can have a seperate server, so can levels 11-15, 20-25, etc. i personally think this is a great idea, since it allows players equal levels fight it out equally, instead of some level 30 warrior harassing a level 20 mage with sword slam.

servers would be extremely dead then. maybe this could work when free release is out.

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“free” release or “full” release ?

I don’t think Vesteria is ever going to be free. At least I’m praying it’s not, since if that happens, there will be exploiters everywhere you go and the community will be much younger.

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it should at least go down to 30 - 50 robux

$1 is not too much, is it?

not for me, but for others, who knows

ber constantly says he wants the game to be free soon


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I’ve heard the opposite, and if they made it free, how would they afford their office? Sense? I don’t think so.

I’ve heard them say it quite recently, for example Berezaa said that at RDC on Saturday.