Selling Weapons

-Moko Club
-Tuaa Shield
-Moko Maul
-Royal Fang (5 great attack scrolls)
-Vibrant Ballista
-Fierce Ballista (sold out)
-Keen Stingtail Staff
Edit: I don’t know how much money they go for.

How much for a fierce?


idk 5-10g or something?

I don’t think it goes for that high?

soo 7g?

I would sell it for 1g, how does that sound?

I’d buy it for 1g then ty

do you have a discord where we can contact?

Ion Hear Nohing#5922

hey how much for the keen tua staff?

How about 340S?

u got 2 right?

Yea, I got two.

could i buy both


If you get a Vesra’s Eviscerator and are willing to sell it dm me!

Yo, you still got that Vibrant Ballista?
I’ll buy it for 1.5G
Send me a friend request: Doofus_12