Selling Spider, Tiki Weps and Def Scolls

Webbed Staff 250s
Spider Fang Dagger 250s
MoKo Club 300s
Str Mask 1g (idk value) (SOLD)
Tu aa Shield 200s
Cursed Def Scroll 120s Each

Wheres the curse scrolls.

crud editing there we go

ill buy the moglo mask

Metapoly, Nilgarf

How many cursed def you got? I’ll take your entire stock. Also offering 1.5g for moglo mask (higher than meta)

got i think 2 cursed def? also when can we meet

Are you free now? If not I’m free most of tmr (PST as well)

no gotta sleep maybe tomorrow 11:00am pst?

Alright, meet in Nilgarf

Ill pay higher than Hellor :slight_smile:

wait meet at 1pm pst i gotta go


— -.- / – . . - / -. — .-- …–…

it is a complete sentence forums

you here yet?

ah shoot coming

ah sorry I went to sewers cuz I didn’t know if you were coming. Are you still coming?

You know what Ill be back in Nilgarf around 1:50pm

Can I buy 3 cursed def scrolls?

sell spooder bow for 250s as well? or no

can i buy the webbed staff?
Discord: bishopmelon#1696