Selling spider legs

I have returned

I want to make some money so im releasing my hoard of rare spider legs for sale, dm me blank#5194 and we can negotiate on some deals, these items are beyond rare and i can say I hold most of them.

Edit: I want to make this a kind of auction, leave a bid below or dm me :open_mouth:

Cheers mate,

Or just leave a comment here. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is spider leg?

A spider queen drop that got removed and does not even have a icon either. Buy for collection only

Spider leg got removed? frick I just sold all mine to the shop

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my bid is, you pay me 10 gold per leg and ill take em.

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I have 800 legs to clarify

I gaveaway 400 legs, originally had 1200
Nice comment

thats a lot of gold my guy imma be rich

I haven’t decided a end date, I’ll come up with one in a bit. May just end up selling them separately

cant even showoff items in gam

I just want like 1-100 spider legs
If you are selling that small, I’ll take them probably

Whuts ur offer mate

I have no idea what they are worth
Make an price range?

Id say around 500s per leg, since they are hard to come around now

its definetly negotiateable

I could be flipping rich if that was the case

Could we do a bit lower?
This is just for one leg though right?
If you were selling all of them it would be 400g in total

how about 250 then

I’m gonna pass on that

I’ll sell it 50s each I have 20

I’ll take one for 20s :wink: