Selling some stuff e

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All Greats are Attack, all Ancients are STR and Cursed Scroll is for Def
Also selling Clean Ravager Vest, Clean Ravager Boots and Clean Gladiator Knee Pads
Dm me offers either here or Discord ZeroTreach#2105

Sold all Scrolls (Besides cursed)
Now also selling another Blessed Icicle and this steel sword

How much for the steel sword?

Offer in DMs

can i buy the greats? megu#0013


sad e moment

y e p

How much for the Gladiator Helmet and Armor you asking for?

Offer in DMs.


can i buy the gray dye
idk how to dm cause im new to forums and i cant post pages cause idk

Alright i’ll dm

how much would you sell the iron sword for

Can i buy the royal fang+6

Offer in DMs.

Sure what’s your offer?
Tell me in DMs

b l o p

b l o p

How much for blessed icicle? Is it the dyed and named one?