Selling some items, restocked


DM @SuperNoobReborn#7720 for offers, and prices.

is that cursed def

Nope, attack.

How much for the ancients? I might buy them but I might not have enough money.

Selling Brutal hatchet for 500s

200s each.

I’m so broke :sweat_smile: I only have 30s.
I will buy them tho

Ok, however I need to farm ancients I’m going to restock lol

Meet at nilgarf on staterday @5:00?


Wait I might not be able to get on at 5 so how about 8 or 9 AM?

Yes, I can’t get on dureing the week. Only if Friday’s/Saturday’s/Sunday’s and sometimes during the week if I have a day off

should I sell my brutal hatchet on my hunter? (I’m Using my OG lvl 29 Warrior. What should I use on him?)
I’m using glad armor, steel helm, steel boots, and royal fang. What should I get

I don’t know, I’m not much of a warrior expert.

can i buy 5 ancients for 750s?

200s per scroll


Get a second royal fang, if you’re gonna go berserker

About that… I joined the knights

The only reason was for the shield charge and it fits my tanky play style

Huh. In that case, get a full set of Nightstrider Armor (i reccommend full Great scrolls, cursed aren’t worth the risk), a Moko Club, and a Tuaa Shield (Tuaa Shield is only shield in the game rn).