Selling Rare items :3

I am currently selling ALL of these items for offers :D!

I am also looking for RANGING GEAR and Spider Essences :3

DM me on discord “๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Valiant#3333” or type in “somebody7720” in the search players bar

I am interested in both the bow and dagger. I can trade cursed scrolls, and also have some cash, ranging gear, and a decent amount of Spider Essence.

I have ranger gear, want it for 1.5g [

How much for Ranging gear and Essences, and also how much are you offering?

I am willing to trade for the weapons. I have 32 essence. Depending on what you want, I have some dyes and scrolls as well that I’m looking to get rid of, or can pay cash.



I’m having some trouble dming you, sry. I’m kinda new to discord :blush:

Selling 1 Spider essence @lilbub221 at crossroads 7:30- 8:00