Selling my inventory

Ranger Gear- 2.5g-3g
Fishing Rod- 2g
Ratty Vest- 300s
Spider Fang (Vibrant)- 150s
Spider Fang- 125s
Royal Fang- 100s
Icicle (Swift)- 70s
Spider Queen’s Crown- 600s

Just DM me on Discord (Cen#1079) so it can be instant, if you type here I won’t get back to you after an hour or so.

If you find an item unreasonable please tell me so I can change the price. I really don’t know prices that much as I used to cause the game changed a little bit

I heard that ranging gear got added back to the shop but I haven’t been able to check for myself. Price my not be so high anymore if that’s the case.

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I’ll check thanks for the notice

I checked there’s nothing there. Keeping the price