Selling mage things

Selling a +1 Cursed Webbed Staff (6 attempts remaining)
Selling a +5 Webbed staff (SOLD)
Selling a +4 Barbarian staff (all upgrades from orb)
Selling 2 clean bloodmage hats, (SOLD)
Selling 1 clean bloodmage robe (SOLD)

DM megu#0013

what a complete scam for bloodmage gear, its so much cheaper now

i didn’t ask if you wanted to buy it, i’m trying to figure out a price. next

off topic but how did u change ur username

dm a mod

ok thanks

ill buy the webbed staff depending on how good it is

dm me on discord to see pics of both, or should i message you here?

i guess here

how much for barbarian staff


275, literally not worth anything more

nvm since the upgrades u put on it 375s


375 since the upgrades, people sell em for like 200s for one right now every in collo so dont sell it for 600s

i might take 375 but ill have to do this tmrw

ill do 400s if its still able to become blessed

orb went poof lol


ye ber said it was a bad decision to maintain it, scrolling is the way 2 go

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