Selling Fang, Reset, Ancient, Name Tag, Ink and Quill

Selling Things:
Name tag (4 Left) - 100S
Ink and Quill (3 Left) - 100S
Ancient Scroll For ATK (2 Left) - 50S
Reset Scroll (2-3 Left) - 45S
Royal Fang (1 Left)- 620S

Contact me on Discord
Da waffle ;0#7202
Roblox ign: Destoryerhacker not destroyerhacker

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Still selling ancient scrolls? I am willing to buy

this is a pretty big flex ngl

Lemme Get 2 ancients

i’ll buy the royal fang for 300s bc value dropped if still possible

Ancients still for sale I’ll buy them both

All sold sorry

Too low. No.

I’ll buy 4 name tag

You should probably edit this, if you have ancient’s i’ll buy your entire stock