[SELLING] Clean Barbarian Sword!

500s SOLD !!



when your ego makes you stupid lel

The context in chick’s post doesn’t apply to egotistical behavior?

:clown_face: himself

OOOOOO it’s the popular dev sorry

You still on about that whole developer thing? It isn’t quirky or special. Stop acting like you’re so smart because you keep on trying to mock me because I’m a developer.

uwu sowwy mr dev, no need to be toxic i said sowwyyy

Welp. Seems like the clown is still in the room. More entertaining than other clowns tbh.

still smashing your keyboard??? uwu lemme get the popcorn, someones mad

I’m getting annoyed because you keep on saying “mr.dev” because you think its funny. Stop calling me that. Talk to me normally like you would with anyone else. Thats why I’m still persisting. I gave a simple reply pointing out a fault in your reply. You started this completely, my guy.

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Please keep this out of the forums and private and the weapon is already sold.

@meta close please

Item sold.