Selling big pot of items!

Spider Leg bow - +7
Spider Fang Dagger - +10 (SOLD)
Spider fang Dagger - +8 (TWO SLOTS LEFT!)
Green Dye (2)
Pristine bandit vest (1)
Any colo gear, or spider gear. (Limited stock)
Ranging gear (1)
Any golden chest or quest obtained hats.
Pristine Oak Axe (1)

Please DM on discord for any offers.

Discord: belacLDT#7644

how much for ranging gear


i dont know the avarage priceā€¦

Please dm on discord. We can work one out.

whats your roblox username?

Would you accept 1.5g for gladiator armor?

Lord_Darkthorn, why?

Please dm on discord.