Selling and Buying Items

Cursed Scrolls (Armor Def) - 6 Left
Cursed Atk Scrolls (Wep) - 4 Left
Any Premium Items:
(must not be soul bound): Dyes: 120S Normal, 170S Grey. Name Tag: 100S, Quill: 95S
Yeti Boots - 80S
Sickle - 35S

Holy Scrolls - 300 Each
Warrior Set (Colosseum Set) - 2G + 3 Grey Dyes


What does soul bound mean

Ill also take a cured def

I would like to purchase two cursed atk scrolls please. I tried adding you on Discord, but it said that it didn’t work.

A soul bound item cannot be teased and will be destroyed if you try to drop them