Selling a red dyed ranging gear

I have no idea what it goes for but yeah

It’s unobtainable now.

I know that but i have one from my hunter that i got a while ago

Wait, ranging gear can’t be bought at the port anymore? Ah well, it’s garbage anyway.

It gives +20 ranged damage, which is equivalent to a potion of spider essence, or 5 gold tier cursed scroll upgrades. A ranger can theoretically stack spider essence, a 5 gold cursed longbow, and ranging gear in order to obtain 60 damage, which effectively puts their weapon about 10-15 levels higher than it really is in terms of damage output.

would you accept 2 spider queen crowns for it?

no my highest offer is 2g rn

Go for 5g

It adds 22 FLAT damage, not 22 ATK. You are getting it confused. +20 Weapon Attack is many times more impactful than +22 damage, especially at higher levels.

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+20 ranged damage isn’t worth the trade-off armor-wise anymore
No Ranger worth their salt would use this. We deal more than enough already no need to increase further.

Thank you, finally someone what understands. 22 damage is worthless difference.

how much

ill pay 200s

It’s mostly just a flex item nowadays

yeah fierce ratty vest is better. :confused: