Selling a cursed surveyor robe


One gold tier upgrade on it.
Willing to sell for an equal price of at least 3 cursed scrolls or something of equal value. (Surveyor robes 400 silver, cursed scrolls are around the same price)

I will pay for 2.5 gold if you made it red tier and added a red dye.

I’m not going to purchase a dye for it. All of my main characters are at forsaken isles currently. I’ve decided to hold onto it for when I level up my mage. If you still want it, you’ll be buying it flat at its current state.

i would be willing to buy but im unsure what the description meant for the pricing of it could you please explain it just a little bit better? thanks a bunch.

Cursed scrolls were around the price of surveyor robes at the time that I made this post. I’m fairly certain they’ve dipped below that though.

most sell for around 100s atm, would you be willing to put a price on it real quick?

I’d like to be paid in cursed scrolls or ancient scrolls rather than currency, seeing as how those are a more stable currency than mushcoin.

6 cursed or 7 ancients sounds alright. Any objections or other offers?

i dont currently have any cursed scrolls or ancients. would you be willing to take dyes?

I’d be more than happy to accept dyes as payment. What kinds could you offer, and how many would you?

as the current pricing of 6 cursed scrolls would be around ~600s depending on the seller and surveyor robes are 400s how does 3 grey dyes sound (worth around 300s each)?

Sounds pretty good. When can you get on? My mage alt that has the robes is in nilgarf.

Cursed don’t go for 300s each… I bought some for 80s each

Then you got a fairly good deal. One person’s price doesn’t determine the global price.

Since there are very few money sinks for the higher level players (Who never die and face the death penalty) at the moment, prices are bound to infate up rather than go down.

whats your timezone? im currently in egypt so times a bit weird.

EST Time.

im in nilgarf atm if you are on

Didn’t see that. Sorry! DM me on discord at Ignisium#3709 and we can make the deal.