Secure Loot[Bosses]

So, in the game I’ve experienced that sometimes other players are able to steal your loot, and that it’s not protected after a boss/giant enemy fight. Is this supposed to be intentional, a bug or something unknown? If it was unintentional, I’d like to request that you(everyone in the development team, please don’t overwork yourselves over this) try to fix this and implement something that protects players’ loot from giant battles, as those faster than us or those with better internet won’t be able to get their share. If you can’t, just try to ease players a bit. Thanks for reading.

I believe it is Intentional because it is a team effort to kill a boss/giant enemy and having that much loot to oneself would be insane but if you are to get a rare item (weapon or scroll) I believe only one person is able to get it

It seems intentional. But, it would be nice to split the loot between the people that killed the boss and the person who did the most damage gets a bit more.

This behavior is intentional. For players who do a lot of damage to the giant enemies, the golden loot that drops can still only be picked up by one person.

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