Sections for Bug Reports that sorts posts by how severe they are

I suggest having some way to differentiate the minor Vesteria bugs from the important Vesteria bugs. There would be 3 sections: minor bugs, intermediate bugs, and urgent bugs (come up with better names)

Minor bugs would be visual bugs and bugs that don’t actually affect the gameplay, like a bug that makes your character look weird when opening the inventory, or a bug that makes baby mushrooms walk into a wall. These are bugs that are not very urgent, and the game can still be played normally if left unfixed (still would be better if they were fixed though)

Intermediate bugs would be your normal bugs, such as magic bombs freezing midair creating the orb, teleporting to enchanted forest after exiting shroompocalypse, or a certain weapon perk that doesn’t work properly. These are bugs that should be fixed in the near future, but we can kinda live with them

Urgent bugs are bugs that affect gameplay a lot and should be fixed as soon as possible. Not all bugs here will be gamebreaking such as a dupe or a glitch that wipes your slot, but the important ones such as glitches causing rare items to go poof (cough cough Auktufiti Ballista), showing the defeat screen automatically upon entering shroompocalypse, a certain skill becoming unusable, or a glitched quest that makes people unable to complete it and receive rewards for it

The benefits of organizing the bug reports like this is so that the developers can get a better view on what is an urgent issue and what can be saved for later, so they could first focus on the urgent bugs, then move on to the less urgent ones after that. This should also help the urgent bugs get fixed quicker.

td;lr Separate bug reports into 3 sections based on how severe the bug is, so that the devs can prioritize fixing the more urgent bugs


I thought you were supposed to dm the devs for urgent bugs? Other than that The other 2 categories would work.