‘Secret’ updates

Quick one from me, i don’t know if i’m weird for wanting this but i think it would be really cool if (at some point) there was an update which the players were given NO information or leaks about beforehand (or the fact an update was even coming) , the new area’s entrance being in a super difficult to reach area, (maybe even only accessible after doing a certain new quest no one realised existed) or being referenced through subtle NPC dialogue. This would mean players come together to try to find new areas rather than them being handed to them, and selected players, ahead of the rest, obtaining weapons that are completely alien to everyone else.

That’s all from me, let me know on your thoughts.

That does happen sometimes just last update they added the baby yeti pet as a drop to the yeti boss but that wasn’t hard to find because people have the bounty book.

basiclly secret friday updates from minecraft

Yeah accept a lot easier to find cause bounty book lol

[I think] when shiprock bottom was released, they said there was a new area but let the players find the teleport. (Am not 100% sure, correct me if I’m wrong)

Technically whispering dunes was sort of secret too. When bere tpd a few players without telling where the entry would be

The way to get to the new area would remain secret for three hours at most, honestly some of the wiki editors are no-life-ing the heck out of the game for the sake of accuracy. Not to mention there will be video tutorials out very quickly, and then there’s the people who flex stuff from the new area and get paid to guide people there (I paid a guy 1 full beetle to show me how to get to Vulture’s Landing, I was so tired of failing to find it).