Secondary weapon ideas for Warrior and mage

We are going to be getting easy weapon switching in the near future between your dagger and your bow on hunter which got me thinking why can’t every class have 2 weapons. The reason im posting is because 1 I REALLY want new weapons and 2 i think the bow hunter is such a flawed class (You have to spend a lot on arrows and not much gear for it also damage per second sucks plus we need more than just regular arrows) Anyways thats not the topic for this post so ill just start with my warrior idea which is the least out there of the two

For the warrior secondary weapon i want fisticuffs as the secondary weapon staying with the warrior’s melee play style. It would be a punch with 2 hits the first one would be a left jab that stunned your opponent just long enough for the second hit (Dex would increase the stun time of jab 1). The second jab would launch the enemy back at a 45 degree angle (Knockback wouldn’t scale) I have 2 ability ideas form this simple knockback weapon the first one is combo grab where you dash forward grab your opponent punch them a couple times then backdrop them seperating you and your opponent (Strength will increase damage of the cuffs while dex will increase the distance between you and your opponent after it also sends them higher and gives them fall damage) The second ability is rage you change to doing double damage and removing the knockback and stun so it should be with rage the most damaging weapon in the game)

So now a weapon for the mage that sounds stupid at first but would probably be a healthy edition to the game. You know how mages are suppose to be crowd control/damage characters except venom bomb is ruining that. Ignoring venom bomb thats what mages are supose to do. So remember about how i hate the bow hunter because of its flaws yes im giving the mage a ranged weapon with even more range than bow hunter its a sniper rifle. Ok listen this will be a very space control oriented gun with each type of gun shooting differently. I’ll go over the atributes of every single 1 first of all it has a scope and all of the snipers can use the same abilities and all of them can shoot multiple different ways. The abilities you can unlock (And i have thought of) are mana orb (Turn it on to shoot mana orbs out of your gun with no drop off explode way smaller and do way less damage) Crowd dispersal (Shoots a littlle bang no damage just splits up mobs) and some sort of summoning shot. The gun itself will shoot differently based on which you get for example the one you get from tree of life would shoot a basic beam, One from Sq would shoot out a webbed shot that slows and damages things on the ground, Colo could be a powerful shot that summons a land shark that homes to an enemy for a couple seconds and does damage, and one for Shroompocolypse could summon a mushroom tree to heal allies and yourself around it and still does damage. My point is all the abilities for the gun will make it shoot differently or buff your character or move you someway that involves the gun. Every gun would shoot different but if thats too much work you could just make the abilities make it shoot differently. I don’t even know how all this would scale off the stats i couldn’t tell you maybe healing scales off vit besides that make it scale off of int

I know this is a long post but i just want new weapons content and things to do in the game currently and i just want to see it grow

Is the mage weapon a joke. I literally can’t tell it’s so bad.
Fists are okay but longer than 1 second stun is not a good idea

did you just say fists

I thought Vesteria was set in the Middle Ages or so, with cannons (Scallop and Fidelio) beginning to emerge. Fisticuffs were mainly popular in Victorian times and sniper rifles can’t even shoot ‘basic beams’ as of modern technology. Imagine if this update was implemented:
Player A: what up m8
Player B: nothing man just heading to shroompocalypse to farm L118A Arctic Warfare firearms (and a gun license)
In addition, I don’t see how fists can be new equipment.
Player A: man why are your fists so white on your warrior slot? i though u got a tan farming crabs
Player B: yes i got new hands they punch harder.
By the way, you mentioned making mage the new ranger instead of fixing it. Do you want to endanger the rare bow hunter species of the huntrus family?

Sorry, but I feel like guns completely do not fit in Vesteria at all. Plus mages are supposed to be magical, so guns will not do.

1.) Spider weapons are tier 1, while colo weapons are tier 2, which means spider weps should be strongest
2.) Guns would not do, vesteria is more old ages
3.) Mage I feel like should have a secondary weapon like a short sword.

It will be nice to have mages grimoires as off-hand.
It will boost mana regen and damage (or add exclusive perk for each grimoire)

Please try to avoid neceobumps

Instead of guns it would honestly be smarter to give mages some sort of ritual knife that doesn’t do much damage, but buffs magic attack for a short time after its used.

Warlocks only you mean; Vesra would not approve
Also I think you should look at Magic Tomes: Basic Attack

I’ve looked at that article and think it’s a good idea. I agree that if a ritual knife was added, only warlocks should be able to use it. This idea was just an off of the top of my head thing that I thought would be a better alternative to guns.


sorry I just don’t wanna read the wall of text
you probably have some good ideas just
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