[second topic in like an hour lol] Why delaying it a second time was actually not a good idea

(topic end, this was a big fat argument.)
The game has 3 days of content, so we should better release it for PA on Wednesday.

I mean, the game is a 20 week incubator game, and it was originally said that the game was going to be released in November for paid access.

You say that you don’t mind that there’s not that much content, but remember that you can finish everything there is to do right now in about 2-3 days. It just feels like the game lasts longer since you could only play it for half of Saturday. If the game was released now, people would finish everything and get mad that there’s so little content.

Plus, having more monsters means that we might get a level 25, or something between crabs and spiders to grind. That would be awesome and give the people who felt like they did everything already a new experience.

Also about the hype, nobody actually said that the game was going to come out today. Everyone was assuming that it was, but not a single dev actually said the game would be today, they just said “soon”.

As far as a second playtest goes, I actually wouldn’t want it. Although I do miss playing vesteria, I’d rather wait until they feel like the game is at least somewhat ready to be played instead of getting to try out pvp and then have nothing to do.

for reasoning number 1:
I already mentioned that with a warning in the description. At the top. Also PVP is not limited. There are different skills in players, as humans can improve, but not an AI.
for reasoning number 2:

Almost would be very close. A week would be close, not very close.
for reasoning number 3:
Would you want a game, or no game?
(god what the hell am I doing, getting into a fight with one of the best players on Vesteria?)

1: You have to remember, this was a pvp system made in a week or two. I’m not saying that it’s gonna be bad, but I have my doubts. My best bet is that there is going to be some broken strategies with skills in this game. The hunter seems op, since it has access to a fast cooldown ranged attack and a movement skill that can teleport out of the map. The first few days of pvp are probably going to be hell.

He literally just said “soon”, he never actually said it was this weekend. Plus, berezaa said that his main problem was finding an animator, which was not a problem he knew of when making that post.

3: I want a game, but not one that will get boring after 3 days. The game doesn’t have that much content, and in the name of science I’m probably going to have to get like 9 level 30s. I really don’t mind waiting another week if we get some awesome new stuff to do.

1: There could be a quick solution for the hunter’s attacks that would require a little tinkering with the system. Don’t get me wrong here, I only have a pea-sized brain when it comes to Lua.
2: Did he ever say “soon” in the Twitter post. I don’t think so. All they said was “almost ready” which would mean really close to being ready for a launch.
3: We don’t know all the new features they have been working on this week. All we know is quest markers and chests.
3a: If you are going to say that in most playtests we have seen their features beforehand, paid access is different.
They probably worked on a lot of new features before they knew about animators, which is what caused it to be delayed (still I can handle 5 monsters if there is a good amount of cool stuff that is not a monster)
Honestly if you say three days of play, you could just release it on Wednesday 3 days after Wednesday is Saturday which would be the delay date.