Second Meeting of the 7 Sins Guild

The 7 Sins Guild Page

I am glad to announce the end of the second Guild meeting of the 7 Sins.

Meetings will be happening weekly, if Vesteria members who are outside the Guild wish to participate, please contact Saf through their discord at Saf_Annexation#6098 or join our Discord and become a member of the 7 Sins Guild!

Suggestion for Bots were passed, and bots will be added

Ideas discussed

  • Paying for the in game guild- HR’s (High Ranks) will try to get 5 gold, possibly 10 gold by Feb-March. Saf will aim for 20 Gold, and donations will be accepted by all of the other members via Trading. To donate, speak to a HR and they will bring you up on it.
  • Activity both ingame, and in the server- High Ranks will be active very often, and expect the rest of the members to be active. By being active, you are helping the guild, and in the end the guild supports all of its members that support the guild, so you are supporting yourself. Donating to High Ranks, is not FOR the High Ranks, but for the Guild- being active ingame and the server will support you in future updates
  • Raid Teams- The Raid Team will consist of the strongest members in the guild and you can always get a spot in the raid teams if you work hard enough

Guild Members Present

Time of meeting: XX:30
Time adjourned: XX:57

so you’re not going to metion the war?

anyways congrats on getting bots

We did discuss the war, but we had the meeting right before the battle today, so we didn’t have much to discuss.

Your doing everything SK could have done to revive it, nothing worked. Ideas I had, none worked, things mentioned, none worked. RIP SK.