Season 3 Vesteria Timeline (Starting with Subclasses)

Vesteria Timeline

Possible Upcoming Dates:

  • Forsaken Revamp
  • Tal Rey Dungeon
  • Phase 2 Spider Queen
  • SQR Revamp
  • Orb Ability Upgrading

Forsaken Isle And Subclasses Update: 11/8/19
  • Level Cap raised to 35.
  • Forsaken Isle is accessible from Port Fidelio from the Wayfarer.
  • Wayfarer arrives to Port Fidelio every 20 Minutes.
  • New 30-35 Equipment.
  • New Boss.

3 Subclasses for each class:



Subclass Skill Hotfix: 11/9/19
  • Lag Reduction.
  • Magic Bomb fixed.
  • Switch Strike and Prism Trap no longer affect bosses and giants.
  • Fixed bows not dropping.
  • Changes to various pieces to codebase.

Vesteria Fandom Contribute: 11/9/19

Duplication Bug Discovered and Quarantine: 11/10/19

Exploit Cleanup: 11/14/19

Data Loss and Recovery: 11/14/19-11/18/19

Mushtown Closed, Dependent on Discord Communites: 11/21/19

Decision to not Wipe: 11/21/19

Tester Application: 11/25/19

New EXP Curve and Returning Update: 11/26/19
  • New equipment.
  • Vertical Blink returns.
  • Stamina returns.
  • Player Collison returns.
  • Level Cap raised to 45.
  • Fixed SQR entrance bugs.
  • SQR moved to Enchanted Forest, deep in the spider nests.

Black Friday Sale: 11/29/19

Vesteria Is Dead Post: 12/5/19

Gift from the Vesteria Team: 12/29/19
  • Monster spawns increased.
  • 40% more XP from monsters.
  • Ten Roblox Gift Card giveaways.
  • (All were temporary)

Vesteria Group Request: 12/21/19

Staying Paid and 200 Robux: 12/23/19

Attribute Update: 12/24/19
  • Weapons or Armor dropped from monsters have a chance to be an attribute.
  • Attributes are:
    Dull or Tattered (Less DEF/ATK)
    Keen (INT)
    Swift (DEX)
    Fierce (STR)
    Vibrant (VIT)
    Pristine (More EXP and DEF/ATK)
    Legendary (Even more EXP and DEF/ATK)
  • Attributes scaled on weapon level.
  • Bosses don’t drop dull weapons.

Developer Christmas Break: 12/25/19

New Years Catch-Up and Vesteria Toys: 12/31/19 - NEW YEAR

Whispering Dunes Update: 1/24/20
  • Conquer the Gauntlet from Scallop to enter Whispering Dunes.
  • Level Cap raised to 49.
  • New high level Equipment and Perks.
  • New Menu Screen.

Whispering Dunes Feedback: 1/24/20

Lost Palace Quest Fix: 1/24/20
  • You can no longer repeat the Lost Palace Quest for weapons.
  • Lost Palace Quest reverted.
Aviator Fix: 1/27/20
  • Aviators can now be properly worn.
Monster Nerf Update: 1/28/20
  • Player Movement Speed increased.
  • Monster HP reduced.
  • Baby Shrooms have reduced damage and more XP.
Server Browser Update: 1/28/20
  • Views all open Servers for the map you are currently in and teleport to them.
  • Servers are color-coded.
  • Server Browser will only show if more then one server.
  • Server Browser shows amount of people in each.
Stamina Update: 1/29/20
  • Jump now takes 0.5 Stamina.
  • Stamina will regain after 1 second of jumping, even if falling.

Subclass Balancing Poll: 1/29/20

Taximan Update: 1/29/20
  • Taximan Dave brings you to H.O.G.
  • Taximan Dave prices changed.
New Chest Update: 1/31/20
  • Chests can be opened by hitting them.
  • Wooden Chests contain random loot.
  • Ethyr Piles, Cursed Scrolls, and Ethyr-Bought Items can be obtained from chests.
  • All chests now work.
  • Chests now have random inventories.
  • New Chests in Maps.
  • Runes, Lures, Tomes, Megaphones and more are now consumed instantly.
  • Added Chests to Dunes.

Feb-April Roadmap: 2/1/20

Small Perk Update: 2/2/20
  • Added return to menu button in Settings.
  • Stat and Skill Tomes can be bought from Monsieur Fred again.
  • Minibosses in Dunes are now resilient.
  • Perks to items:
    Sun Blade
    Duneplate Greaves
    Archmaeomagus Hat
    Sandskulker Boots
    Stingtail Staff
    Portable Water
    Azariah’s Edge
    Digger’s Last Resort
    Digger’s First Resort
    Shattersun Dirk
Minor Fixes Update: 2/3/20
  • Fix for Lost Palace Quest.
  • Added perk for Dustwurm Cudgel.
  • You no longer can equip something with a heavy weapon.
  • Tuthaffa’s Buckler has 20% damage resistance.
  • Fixed Magic Missile not targeting enemies.
  • Fixed Twilight Perk on Astro Scepter with stars not dealing damage.
  • Potential fix for Prism Trap flinging mobs.
  • Bowstrings are no longer visible when in Shadow Walk.
  • Targeting on Ground Slam is more reliable.
Small Fixes Update: 2/4/20
  • Added Steel Warhammer.
  • Added Steel Shield.
  • Added Chitin Scythe and Scarab Tongue Boots to Scarab Drop-Table.
  • Fixed problems with heavy weapon equipping.
  • Bows can be fired on mobile.
  • Ability Targeting sequence no longer occurs on Non-Touchscreen devices.
  • Bounty Book has correct pages.
Dunes Guild Event Update: 2/6/20
  • Dunes Leaderboard shows top Guilds with most Bandit Kills in Dunes.

Exploit Cleanup: 2/6/20

Small Changes Update: 2/6/20
  • New UI.
  • Venom Pool Scales off bomb explosion size.
  • Mage Bomb damage buff.
  • Scarab Tongue Boots have 10+ Jump and +3 Speed.

Ugly Spiderling Pet Released from Toy Set: 2/7/20

Minor Ability Damage Update: 2/9/20
  • Rangers have 60% HP.
  • Hunters have 70% HP.
  • Warriors have 150% HP.
  • Knights have 175% HP.
  • Shadow Flurry’s Damage is Doubled.
  • Warrior Steadfast perk removed.
  • Ethyr Items, Currency, and more is no longer soulbound.
Original Scrolling Return Update: 2/17/20
  • Cursed Scrolls give a variety of buffs again.
  • All equipment have 7 upgrade slots.
  • Headgear scrolls.
  • Cursed can give 2-7.

Closed Tester Applications: 2/18/20

Teamwork Update: 2/22/20
  • Loot and XP better distributes to players.
  • Dying resets your loot.
  • Everyone has a chance to get loot.
  • More Loot and XP from more players fighting a specific enemy.
Ability Improvement and Performance Update: 2/28/20
  • Abilities don’t wait for response from the server.
  • Ranger stance reworked.
  • Skill books and Stat Descriptions have descriptions.
  • Multiple arrows don’t do tons of damage.
  • Mana Bomb stat upgrades updated.
Mushpoc/Lighting/Mushtown Update: 3/1/20
  • 7 New chests in Mushpoc.
  • Party members must be between 10-20 for Mushpoc.
  • Returns players to Mushroom Research Camp from Mushpoc.
  • Mushpoc Enemy difficulty reduced.
  • Great scrolls, Soup, and Mushroom Weapons are sold at Mushpoc Shop.
  • Winning Mushpoc rewards 10k EXP and 10 Golden Mushrooms.
  • New Adventure updated.
  • Mushtown quests adjusted.
  • Lighting depth for day and night adjusted.
  • Runes cost 4s.
  • Better pickup UI.
  • Death screen stays for teleport.
  • UI bleeding adjusted.

Clean Slate Test: 3/3/20

Spider Lair Return Update: 3/7/20
  • Spider Queen spawns every 12 hours.
  • SQR Moved to Tree of Life.
  • Spider Queen Level scales off player levels.

Accidental Dupe: 3/8/20

Sprint Raycasting Glitch: 3/10/20

Night/Performance Buff Update: 3/14/20
  • Enemies at night do more damage and give more XP.
  • Music is distorted at night.
  • Day and Night last for 15 minutes.
  • Monster Spawns adjusted.
  • Performance adjusted.
  • Big Blue Potions added.
Guild Hall Update: 3/15/20
  • 5 Tiers added to Halls.
  • 5 Cities to choose for Hall: Mushtown, Nilgarf, Tree Of Life, Warrior Stronghold, and Port Fidelio.
  • Guild Capacity increased with higher Tier.
  • Guild Bank for Members to donate money for buying Tiers.
  • Guild Shopkeepers sell Stat Potions, Arrows, and Orange/Purple pots at Tier 2.
  • Guild Shopkeepers sell Stat Potions, Arrows, Orange/Purple pots, Mana Elixirs, and Magenta pots.
  • Any duel will be automatically accepted in your Hall if your a Member.
  • You can freely change your Guild Hall.
Minor T3 Guild Hall Update: 3/16/20
  • Dummies now show DPS.
  • Taximan Dave brings you to Guild Hall T3 for 10s.
  • Taximan Dave takes you to any discovered location for 10s at your T3 Guild hall.
  • Magenta Potion Icon.
  • Mana Pot Prices Adjusted.
Minor T3 Guild Hall Fix: 3/17/20
  • Going in your Hall no longer brings you in the void.
  • Leaving your Hall will bring you outside the hall.
  • Taximan Dave properly brings you to your T3 Hall.

Money Exploit and Economy Shutdown: 3/19/20

Economy Return: 3/20/20


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