Scythe Perk Change

Currently, the Chitin Scythe (from Scarab) has a perk that makes melee damage scale off INT, instead of STR. While useful, this doesn’t really fit the item, and makes it too generic to compete with twinkle-twinkle little magic missile. As a replacement, have the scythe instead:

  • Scale off STR/VIT, making hybrid builds viable as well as giving a perk to it’s vitality boost
  • %Damage lifesteal on attack, influenced by VIT, similar to vit perk for bows.
  • New perk
  • Keep old perk
  • Nerf astrologists
  • Nerf astrologists and new perk
  • Alternative (reply with feedback)

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Still scale off of int but also scale off of str if there is any.
Lifesteal on attack that doesnt drain any additional hp from the enemy unless you have vit. If you have vit then it scales off of that for the additional hp taken from the enemy, which means you do more damage and heal more.

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So just have it basically be 2 damage instances, one scaling off int/str and the other based off vit that heals you?


Nerf astro and make a basic attack scaling with int for the scythe making bombs dark magic based

Nerf astro (at least lower the number of stars, way too many I lag insanely whenever its used near me), make scythe have different variants that scale of all other stats, for instance one for INT, one for VIT, and one for DEX, because STR is default. Multibombers finally could become viable again w/o Webbed Staff!!!