[Scrolling Update] I have a slight problem

So, with the new scrolling update, it was made so that scrolls behave the ways they used to, and one of those things that is problematic for me is that you can no longer overwrite scrolls anymore.

Prior to the scrolling update, I had spent a bunch of 100% scrolls on everything with the intent of improving them later, level by level, so that I might possible be able to keep several red and purple enchants.

Now I have to throw hundreds upon hundreds of silver coins down the drain unless the staff will reset the enchants on my save slots, which I doubt that they will for one individual person, as then everyone would start asking to have it done for them.

I’ve basically just got spider weapons as it is, but I got rid of some of my armor recently for the stuff on the island with the moglo dudes, so I’m not certain if it’s all readily able to be traded.

If you’re interested in acquiring my initial spider gear in trade for spider gear with better enchants that you no longer have use for, or even if you’re just willing to donate it to me, that would be extremely helpful. I’m in the public discord server and my DMs are open there too. You can probably find me.

TL;DR: I’m a little upset about the new update, but I don’t actively play as it is, and I’m not ranting for once.

you could invest in some reset scrolls i guess

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Not the worst idea, but not the absolute best either. I’ll definitely bookmark this and consider it if I start playing again, thanks.