Scrolling Changes Leak πŸ“œ



Why the heck are the scrolls so expensive now!?!

But I do like this new system.

I know right 50 silvers is so much

Who is that merchant in the background?

Where’d this leak come from?

The discord server.

From Ber?

Lol, berezaa is going to make a topic on how to join the discord server now, all thanks to you.

I’m in the Discord server. I was asking if Ber posted the leak.

Edit: Because I didn’t see it

All β€œsneaky-peaks” are leaks.

You still didn’t answer my question. Did Ber post the leak? xD

Yes, he did.

Ah, ok. Must have missed it. This looks neat. I’m not really annoyed by the 5x increase, it’s a lot but when repair scrolls are added it’s gonna be better.

Also, the increase might be a hint that gold is going to be much more saturated in value sometime soon.

Repair scrolls add back upgrade attempts?

I believe that is the plan, yes. Not sure when he is planning on adding them but he has talked about that a few times now.

God-tier weapon, here we come.

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Best weapon ever (bias, I made it :stuck_out_tongue:)


nice, its my favorite staff so far :heart:

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(whale was just being sarcastic, he told me.)