Scroll Update: Ancients could use a buff

Here comes the scroll update!

Here comes the dawn of a new era: the Age of the Cursed Scroll. Cursed scrolls, now granted the incredible power of making a weapon green, dominate the scene. On the other hand, Ancient scrolls are not much different from before; their success rate, from a three of every twenty, or 15%, is now one out of ten; 10%. Not only that, the return of failed scrolls means getting even one ancient on a weapon is an achievement.

Yet there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: the Holy Scroll. Capable of completely wiping failed attempts on a weapon, this surely makes getting more than one Ancient at least possible, right? Well yes, but actually no. While you can absolutely use this and get two, three- maybe even four Ancient scrolls successfully, there’s still almost no chance of getting all seven. You’d need hundreds of Holy scrolls, especially as their power drops of to the point of only one out of twenty working. Just getting the seventh Ancient scroll on a weapon would take at around two hundred Holy Scrolls; twenty holy scrolls to free up an extra attempt, times ten for the average amount of attempts to get a successful Ancient scroll.

Clearly, getting a full-Ancient weapon comes at a bit of a price. Seven Ancient stat scrolls puts you at +28 Attack and +21 Stats; a measly 38.5 points (now I’m not saying full Ancients should be Green, but definitely should get you closer than that). Shouldn’t seventy Ancient Scrolls and hundreds of Holy Scrolls be a bit more than that? My suggestion is to buff Ancient Scrolls to +5 Attack per scroll instead of +4. That way, at maximum you get +35 Attack, or a 45.5 enchantment score (still gold, but better). Plus, since Cursed Scrolls give 2-7 (4.5 average) this puts Ancients slightly above them; and for a scroll with only a 10% success rate, I think that’s fair (plus, you lose out on stuff like max HP/MP, stamina, crit/block chance, etc.).

TL;DR: Getting Ancients on your weapon is hard. Very hard. If they get buffed from +4 attack to +5, they’d actually be more useful- they should be safer but harder alternative to Cursed scrolls.

Agreed. Ancients just aren’t viable anymore. The only solutions I see are to buff ancient stats, buff ancient chances, buff holy scroll chances, or remove failed upgrade attempts.

Ancient stats already got a stat buff though; they’re a guaranteed +3 per stat now instead of the previous +1-3 and weighted towards +1


Oh? I didn’t realize ancient stat scrolls were back. In that case it’s better to just leave as is. I can still see them being used after you get, say 5 successful cursed and don’t want to further risk your weapon.

i dont get why they decreased the chances of a ancient to work, it was fine with 15% chance.
with that amount, it would equal to 1 out of 7 ancients working, but now… its 1 out of 10.
people should get like a 1g reward for getting any weapon fully ancient maxed.
edit: i would also like for holy scrolls to always be successful, while also making it now cost 999 golden mushrooms.

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Okay, so it has been brought to my attention that stats actually give 0.7 points instead of 0.5 points. This means that 7 ancients with +4 atk each gives 42.7 points (gold tier), and 7 ancients with +5 atk each gives 49.7 points (green tier). I still support buffinh ancients like this, since successfully getting 7 ancients is so ridiculously rare.

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or like this post i made a while back: What Are The Scroll Chances?

thats for 5 chances and 15 percent chance on each one, now image it being 7 chances and 10 percent.

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Well, with Holy Scrolls you do have more than 7 chances, but without them it would be 1 in 10 million.

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at the end of the day its an endless cycle of falling in a mud puddle and taking a bath.

Ancient scrolls will always either succeed for +4 ATK/DEF, +3 Stat (6.1 upgrade pts.) or fail, allowing you to use a Holy Scroll to restore that slot and try again.

Cursed Scrolls, not even mentioning the fact that they can completely destroy your item, might give you an upgrade that is way, way worse than 6.1 upgrade pts.

Sure a Cursed Scroll can theoretically drop a +7 ATK/DEF +1 Stamina on your item for 9 upgrade pts, but it could also drop a +2 ATK, -1 Stamina on your item which funny enough is actually 0 upgrade pts.! And if you get a bad cursed upgrade on your item it can’t be removed without nuking the whole item via a reset scroll.

That’s all I’ll say on the matter because I don’t want to spoil all of the fun of figuring out the new scrolling system, especially the nuances of the Cursed Scroll, but I think the Ancient Scroll is more than fine where it is, and it will have a key chunk of the meta sliced out for it.

Seems fair, its just that since ancients are such a low 10%, it seems getting a well-upgraded cursed item would be far easier than getting a full ancient one.

By the way, could we get back the ability to see all the individual scrolls on an item? It looks like the current GUI size is perfect to fit 7 scrolls going across the bottom.

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I might introduce an advanced “inspect item” menu in the future that lets you see everything that’s been applied to an item including the effects of each upgrade, but I don’t want to clutter the tooltip with more info than needed.

Sounds good to me!

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Wait I never heard that the chance of success goes down if there are more attempts?
Btw I think this is fair because it’s much harder to get the perfect cursed than to get an ancient to work. Added the fact that you have to rid of that cursed if one out of the six others isn’t good or blows up.

Fair and good point. Ancients have lost their value even with having 15% ever since the old system came back and cursed was buffed. Adding the holy scrolls’ viability was nice and all, but with the nerf to ancients and buffs to it’s competitor, it’s just not worth much anymore. Having them +5 would make them somewhat usable again. I don’t want to go “Oh, an ancient! Let me just throw this “10%” thing away.”

Funny how we were saying to nerf them just a few weeks ago.

ngl not a half bad idea although the it makes the grind harder

Stats give 14.7 points and attack gives 28, ar the end you don’t get 38.5 points, you get 42.2 points, meaning if you have a variant it can still be green, but yes I agree that ancients need a buff


yea all ancients = green tier
(look at m- Black_Wind’s sword, all ancient)

You do remember the scrolling system before you devs reintroduced Alpha-scrolling? It showed the upgrades with color and scroll type. With that method of display, full-scrolled items were actually more of a flex than they are now, becuase you could see the kind of luck on display (my lil bro got two red curseds and a gold cursed on his eviscerator, he’s a berserker main).