Scarab Drops rework

So to sum it up as quickly and easily as possible it’s just the addition or renewal of abilities since next update might make the items obsolete (they already kinda are) but to a much greater extent

-Chitin Scythe Leech: Every melee hi it takes away 50 - 75 hp of which goes to to, damage also scales off of INT.

-Scarab Tongue Boots Scarab’s Wind: At 50% hp or lower you jump height is doubled, and you passively use 50% less stamina when jumping and running. This continues until your over 50% hp

Knight With 1/3 hp who heals supa slow >:D (still a decent 1,250 HP)

Knights cant use this weapon dawg, Chitin Scythe is a mage staff

I Mean Boots

Oh, ok makes sense

these sound like good buffs for items that are rarer then edges & ballistas

Dear Vesra, what have we done?!?!