Scamming Shop Bug

Whenever I try to buy items from shop, it just scams me :frowning:

Sorry for the absolutely trash quality, but I hope it demonstrates what I’m talking about.
Tried to buy 99 silver cup, however, it just takes my money without giving me my silver cups (yes the same thing happens on other items as well)

Not sure if this has been posted before but I don’t see it sooo

The video is privated. Also, it is possible they are in your bank.

Not possible. My bank is completely full.

And thanks, I’ll fix it.

I have had a full bank, bought multiple stacks of arrows and seen them in the bank. Check just to be sure, because it can still appear there.

Thanks. I checked the bank to be sure, and sure enough, it’s there. That’s honestly quite weird though - it created new slots to make room. There should be at least a message saying that the things have been transferred to my bank.

@Meta, please close.

Not a bug.