Saving money by escaping death

personally I was on board with permadeath but i’m not here today to say it should be added but to make harder to die

you see when permadeath had been discussed they weren’t going to leave it easy to die even when your near max level, making the game more balanced, but they didn’t do this in the most recent update even though it isn’t permadeath it’s aggravating to lose a gold if you computer freezes while fighting a boss so here is my four ideas to make it easier to live

Removal of insta kill - if your at max life and something hits you so hard and you would die instantly, but instead if it put you at one life you would a lot more likely to escape and also gives a reason to be at max life as often as possible and or just make monsters do less damage

limit on aggroed mobs - second there should only be so many mobs that can agro unto someone at a time or better the mobs will evenly target players based on how many there are in the surrounding area that way mages don’t end up tanking all the damage from everything when they use an AoE

monster aggroing low level players - I think if a monster is at least 5 levels higher than a player it should not attack them unless attacked first that way new players won’t fear exploring the world which will help them learn what is to come and what things to look forward to. It would also help people avoid almost being insta killed

fleeing from mobs - running out of stamina while trying to flee from spiders could be devastating one could fix that by making it so you either have more stamina for you have a kinda stamina debt you can go into when low on hp because realistically if you saw a dragon you’re going to run like there is no tomorrow because well you probably will not have one.

Of course you would not want all of these rules at all times, for example, part of what makes spider queen hard is that you have 20 spiderlings chasing you. These won’t solve the problem but it would help it without making the player sacrifice to much

just as a after though they could just increase the money that is dropped from mobs and while i don’t think it’s the best plan of action as it took a money reset to fix the problem it could cause