Save slot ideas + New NPC idea

I think it would be useful to have more save slots even if they cost robux so players can experience all the class with all the sub classes ext. or the ability to delete save slots so we can delete some of them we don’t really care about to try out a different route.

As for the new NPC, he/she kind of works like Vincent. Basically he/she is some sort of sorcerer which can wipe which faction you join for the highest price, sub class for slightly less ext. I think she could be find the the village in the enchanted forest. Of course their is a down side. Your level will be retained so getting skill points will be harder than if you just first started with that class

Already planned.

I think the devs that you would never be able to change your entire faction since you swear allegiance to your faction. However, that doesn’t mean that we might be able to change our subclass (within the same faction) that way.

Also already planned

Really? Mind linking me the source?

uhhhhhh if I can find which topic it was in…

Ok well I guess not 100% confirmed but yea…