Sad times for the community

If you read all the latest topics, you’ll see why.


yeah… not the best time to be a part of this community (it’s still an amazing community but… y e a h)

since headlessmicrowave is sick our only lord and saviour is Flare_Gun, let’s hope he can help us get through in these harsh times


There’s a philosophy in Plato’s The Republic that states for a thing to be true, it must be absolute. You can say it is a sad time, yet it cannot be because I am not sad. It is easy to give into that sympathy we feel, and feel sad with others, but we can also smile and give back our own happiness to those who need it.

But guys can we talk about a more pressing matter…its kinda harsh so i’ll post it in the discord.

I dont understand, what do you mean?

It’s a sad time meaning the time is sad, not you.

Loose construction, my boy. As you said yourself in another post, you cannot take everything as literal, meaning some things are implied. If I am not sad, then it is implied that others may not be, as well. :wink:

I’ve been defeated

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