Rules about bumping posts

So, I’ve been browsing the site for a while now, and I’ve seen no mention of being allowed to bump your posts… But yet, I’ve seen people who have done it anyways.

Is it an unwritten rule that you’re allowed to do it once a day, or…?

Please add this to the rules.

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There’s a few things in place about bumping posts, but here’s some clarification of generally accepted post bumping:

Necrobumping (this is an official rule):

In terms of non-necrobumping, it really depends. If you are just posting “bump” and nothing else, that can be considered low-effort and you probably shouldn’t. Nevertheless, if you have something to add to the topic and you want to notify people that you’ve edited the original post, you can inform people of what’s been added in the replies, thereby bumping your post.

Essentially, as long as you have something new you want to say about a post that was either made recently or a post made a while ago that is still relevant (provided it wasn’t made too long ago) then you’ll be fine.

Seeing AnswerRemoved typing is fun

The only posts you should necro bump are the Insert your memes here and Guild section

Edit:Imagine bumping this post hint hint

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what does bumping mean?

Bumping a topic means commenting in a topics, making it the top post in the Latest section until another one comes along. Necrobumping means bumping an unrelated topic over a month old.

hm, ok