Rock Toss Balancing

I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s supposed to be like this, but I don’t believe rock toss should deal so much damage, as well as costing 20 mana. Like c’mon, it’s literally throwing a rock at an npc. It shouldn’t cost even more mana than using other attacks in the game, such as execute. I believe that rock toss should get a damage nerf as well as a consumption buff to compensate, if it hasn’t been done already.

It should have a overall cost and damage reduction, say just doing around 20 damage, but have an accuracy boost because I’ve missed it several times at point blank range.

Yeah, balancing in the game is slightly out of tune because its not our primary concern presently.

I’ve been quite vocal that Rock Throw is overpowered as it stands, ideally would like to give it as minimal scaling and just pack it with base damage. This way its useful early on but gets outclassed by other abilities as you unlock them. It’d be silly to me to have rock throw still deal relevant damage at high levels, because, you’re right, its literally a rock.

We’ll look into balance more as we approach our paid access release.


Yea, don’t worry, after a while the rock wouldn’t even do as much damage as a single Basic attack.

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We may reduce range and increase cooldown with rock throw, but yeah we haven’t done much balance stuff since that’s always something do once the game matures a bit more


maybe you could add a button where when you are throwing a rock if you are holding a button down it can throw further with more force and do more damage

Please don’t nerf it until you add more skills, it’s literally the only useful attack we mages have, and it’s still pretty weak considering 20 mana means we can only throw it like 10 times before we have to wait 2 mins

I found rock through to be excellent on my mage since it was a single target high dmg attack when I didn’t have much def. ;however, on my warrior and hunter it felt really useless since I was doing more dmg with basic attacks

I agree with Gaming, i WAS a level 13 mage and it did 156 damage, while some high level warriors/hunters did up to 200 damage, plus it was free attacks they can spam, not with that 20 mana

Rock Toss Tbh should take only 10 mana and deal less damage so it can be at least somewhat viable to Adventurers, as they do not have much MP to start off with. For the most damage it can deal compared to class skills, it really shouldn’t take 20 MP. Lunge Uppercut 10/10 can deal twice the damage as a 5/5 Rock Toss yet it takes only 20 MP.