Rise and shine my people

The future of PA might be uncertain but I got a gift from the land of leaks
a song of my people from a land far away

aka the soundtrack for the upcoming PvP area colosseum!!!
I hope you enjoy ; )

We Will Enjoy.

Oh, so now you’re into communism?? :joy:

Since When Did I Say That?

You didn’t say it, WE said it.

Because Everyone Likes Killing Each Other. OBVIOUSLY

nof is my man

Hey person I made to go DnD :smirk:

i don’t think that is something to brag about

It Probably Is.

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I don’t really like killing other people :eyes:

I Break Mages’ Bones If They Think They Are Stronger Than Warriors!

I’m a mage and I’m SURE I’m stronger than a warrior!!

but you don’t have the game???

Do You Really Want To Try Me?!

Yes :wink:

@Phoenix shhhh