Richest Person in Vesteria

That’s 13,100,000M copper…


If I never upgraded my equipment I might have 1 gold… ouch


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And I’m here with 100 silvers.

I’ll try to get to 1 gold coin, depends if I get one or not when I reach lvl 30 on my mage(lvl 20 atm). I just plan on playing this game until i reach the lvl cap each update.

That’s quite a few scrolls, you saving them for the Tier 3 weapons, I presume?

I noticed you were looking for rusty daggers, how come?

Gotta love the people who got the infinite amount of money glitch in the beginning of the game and decided to spend all that money on potions to resell later on. Eventually 13 gold is going to be nothing to players but rn, they can easilly get 3 or 4 ancient rest great with enough patience…