Reworking How Dyes Work?

I have two problems with dyes, but maybe you can just ignore the first point, since that’s just a personal nitpick of mine, which I could still pretty must live with and kind of makes it realistic.

I slightly dislike how dyes work on Vesteria. Whenever a dye is applied to something, it clashes with the existing colour, mixing the dye together with the existing colour of the item. So say if you applied a grey dye to a rubee halo, it would become brown. Anyway, this is just my first point.

My other point is where exactly the dyes apply to. As a warrior, I noticed that when trying to apply a yellow dye to my Gladiator Armour, the dye went to the spikes and no where else. So I was left with the same armour, just exception with yellow spikes. It would be nice if we could decide which part of the armour would be dyed, but I understand this would probably be complicated, considering how many different parts go into different clothing.

I also noticed other factions (example: mages) can make their clothes a completely different colour from what they originally were using dyes, whilst warriors are stuck being half the same as usual using the Gladiator Set without mixing it with other armours, like Steel.

TL;DR = Dyes shouldn’t clash with existing colours of items, and applying dyes to items should be reworked, so that dyes apply to main parts of clothes, and not minor parts of them.

Oh how i hate that it clashes. I put on cyan dye for my blood mage set and its just black with a tiny tiny tiny blue beltbuckle thing. If I wanted black, I wouldve used black >:(

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Also, this is what I mean by the Gladiator Armour barely changing by using dyes on it. (yellow spikes)

I haven’t personally had any problems with it yet, but I had a friend who wanted a grey halo, and it turned brown by putting grey dye on it.

ikr, if the game is gonna pull that card on us, we should at least be able to preview the end product

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Being able to view what an item would look like before applying dye on it would be good, actually.

If you’re interested, I suggested a very basic system which would work perfectly for dye previews: Dye Preview Feature

To answer your original post, it’s difficult for me to say as I don’t manage the meshes, Models, or anything of the sort, and it is true that currently dyes apply like tints, but unfortunately I don’t know what solution there would be to changing this.

Dye’s were even darker before, they have been tweaked in the past.

That’s quite interesting, I guess I didn’t need to suggest that bit then. My main point of this post was that dyes should be tweaked so that they cover major parts of items, and not minor parts like spikes.

As far as I know the clashing of colors isn’t an intended feature, and (I think?) is being worked on, and if not is at least going to be worked on. I do agree with you on the “it should dye the whole armor”, but I think that being able to select which part of the armor is dyed would be too much work too implement. It could be worked on at a later date when the game is nearing “completion”.

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The reason that dyes blend like that is due to the way that roblox studio works. I am assuming that dyes work by changing the mesh/texture color to whatever the dye is. If they made dyes not blend then it would require them to make a version of each weapon / armor item in the game for each color dye. OR they could make the models white and then make them by default have the color value set to the color they want the default armor to be, but then there would be very little detail with the texture colors.

I believe dyes are supposed to just be a tint for your equipment. Just like if you paint something but it somehow became 50% opaque.

They only change the VertexColor property for dyed items

theoretically, dyes could have a full effect if the original mesh color was white. but for now it’s a tint

Just so you know ber is working on it, it was leaked in the most recent dev stream.

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Yea defintley dyes should be changed

Ah, that’s awesome. Alright.