Reworking Cleric (no tax and delivery fee as usual)

Lets get straight to the point, most members of the community of Vesteria and even many other games such as TF2 and League of Legends think a support role incredibly weak and unattractive because a support role typically loses damage in trade for supplying heals and buffs to your team mates. The issue with that is the fact that Vesteria is mostly a solo grinding game where you attack mobs and bosses to get better weapons and progress.

Now you might say this issue can easily be fixed by buffing cleric attacks, however, that’s not how balancing works. To make cleric a more attractive class, you would have to buff their damaging ability, however, if you do buff cleric’s damaging abilities to the point where it can contest with other mage subclasses, when it comes to PvP and dungeon fights, clerics will be broken because of their extra healing ability that other classes don’t have. This means there is only one solution to balancing cleric, buff cleric’s survivability.

The solution:
Rework cleric, make cleric the knight of Mages while still giving it the ability to heal others, allow me to show you my ideas.

  • Replace Heal with something more precise. What do I mean by that? I mean instead of heal healing everything in a circle, make it heal one target. For example, you can either tap the ability to heal yourself for 450 hp or you could hold the ability cast key and click on your teammate to heal your teammate and yourself for 300 hp (Do notice this heals 150 more hp overall therefore rewarding clerics to heal their teammates for the greater good). Although this change will make healing all teammates a bit harder and more time consuming, it would make cleric in terms of solo play much more powerful and effective because of their now more improved healing ability. This ability can also be fused with Resurrect, for example, if you use Heal (Maybe change the name to Liberate) on a tombstone, it revives the player without healing you.

  • Replace the now removed Resurrect (It fused with Heal) with a passive, maybe call it Vesra’s mercy. What this passive does is that when your hp reaches 0, you revive with 50 - 125 hp (scales off level of passive) and you are immune to damage for .5 seconds. Your mana is replenished half way giving you a fighting chance against a horde of mobs. This has an 80 second cooldown, the reason this cooldown is so low is because you only revive with 50 - 125 hp meaning that if it’s not used correctly, you will simply die again. Now cleric is no longer just a support class but also a self support class that can not only save others but save itself.

  • Buff Flare a little and give it a cooler name.

CONGRATULATIONS! Cleric is not not only a support class but a tanky class based on not only saving others but keeping itself alive, hopefully this is your ideal image of a balanced cleric @berezaa.

  • Cleric sounds much more balanced and fun
  • Cleric sounds much less balanced and unfun

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I’m confused by this statement? The heal can already heal people (including yourself) in an area, how does this make it more potent?

I think the idea of turning clerics into mage tanks is a good one.
If what berezaa has said here is still true, then clerics are intended to be the mage tanks, and not a full support class. Please note that this is a fairly old post on berezaa’s part however, and he hasn’t exactly clarified its relevancy.

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The heal that heals all team mates doesn’t heal as much to you if your playing in solo play because the heal has to be less so it can be split with multiple teammates. Because that heal doesn’t consider solo play, you will only heal around 200 if your playing alone. With the new heal, you can heal 450.

Although his statement does make sense, I can’t agree with cleric having self sustain and great damage. I see cleric as simply a tanky version of base mage that can deal reasonable amounts of damage. As TheOfficalSin said, it’s quite obvious that a cleric won’t deal more damage than an assassin, however, it’s obvious an assassin won’t out tank a cleric. A tanky and damage oriented cleric would basically be over powered.




0 HP, 400 MP = 400 HP, 0 MP ON RES

baSICALLY turning all your remaining mana into raw, unrefined HP

The passive could go up to, say, level 5, and increase the ratio of MP to HP gained upon death or something like that, Or lowering the requirement of self-ressurect by 25 each level, Or giving you a solid +100 HP in addition to leftover Mp-HP heal, if you get what I mean

Dude yoir idea has so mucb potential though aaaaa

As for your idea on calling “Heal” “Liberate”

I just thought to myself for a second;

Why can’t it be a constant healing stream instead that that cann be held down? Like, Putting your idea aside, what if clerics gained a stackable, High potency/rapid HOT from using abilities, Similar to how all classes gain 20% def at 70 vit, But personalized for clerics as, say, automatically activating/Applying an upgraded variant of the adventuter egeneration skill each ability you use instead of 20% def bonus?

And heal itself would become an activated ability that could be held down instead;
Kind of like mercy from OW, Medic from TF2 w/overheal, Or even sort of like Zadena from Q-Clash with her overheal as well too

Idk, I just dont feel like a healer in many scenarios whenever I used to run dungeon at levels 30-39, before switching to dunes

Cleric’s actual healing done is 99% self healing as a loner and 1% actual healing done to friendlies, so, like

Give clerics more viability and versatility to their support-esque role pls

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Sounds good but then cleric would revive with no mana which might be an issue depending on what enemy your fighting. Very viable though.

That’s kind of the point lol, A drawback for having a second chance without a penalty is gonna have to be implimented somewhere; I’ve recently been playing a ton of Flare RPG mods and extensions and one of them included a skill, which, In essence, Is word for word this exact passive I just mentioned

Somewhere berezaa spoke about knights/possibly warriors gaining an extra hidden vit perk called final stand, where if they died at any amount of HP, they would go down on all fours for around 10-15 seconds; where if they took any sort of damage right after going into their downed state, They’d be killed instantly, But if they somehow managed to not take any more injuries during that timeframe/window, the knight would stand right back up with a yet to be determined % of HP again