Reworking, balancing, and incentivizing the Colosseum

As you may know, the Colosseum has been chronically inactive for a long time ever since subclasses made their debut. The consequence of this is the lack of supply of Colosseum gear. There are many reasons for this to be so:

PvP is severely unbalanced

  • Sorcerer’s Meteor Strike has a low cooldown, massive radius, and ridiculous burn damage against players (not so much against mobs)

  • Paladin’s Rebuke with the Mushroom Sword can fling all players hit out of the map to no benefit, serving as a great annoyance

  • Leveling factors into damage to an absurd degree

  • Assassins can thanosnap players with Shadow Walk

Little incentive for non-level-cap players to use the Colosseum

  • Going with the imbalance of PvP, leveling plays a heavy role in winning/losing rather than skill

  • The quest has a level 20 requirement, even though the Colosseum wants 15 lvl. 15+ players to have marks drop

  • The quest hardly gives enough XP to be worth doing to level

The “hidden” placement of the Colosseum

  • Colosseum is not disclosed in anyway to novice players and is not obviously placed

  • It does not serve as a point of interest for any quest

The Solution(s)?

It has been proposed that there would be NPCs like battlemages or other cross-factions that would serve as alternatives to fighting real players in the Colosseum for marks. While this would be cool to have, it would take more time and effort to implement into the game, so I’m suggesting a few easier ways to retain balance and incentive in the Colosseum with the upcoming phases in mind.

Daily Colosseum Kills Quest Rework

  • The new level requirement for the quest would be level 15

  • The XP reward for completing could scale up with your level gradually like this

    • Level 15 - instant level up
    • Level 20 - 1.5 quests to level up
    • Level 25 - 2 quests to level up
    • etc.
  • The kill requirement would adjust based on your level (every 5 levels would increase the number of kills you need to complete it by 1)

  • The quest will grant you twice the Marks of Valor of the kill requirement

  • [BONUS] If you do the quest enough times, Ethera may challenge you to a duel, but with the risk of the death penalty. It would be very rewarding, however (free tier 2 Colosseum weapon?).

It should be rewarding to do the quest since you have to actually kill players and it is only doable once every 12 hours. A measly 5 marks and 10.3s doesn’t cut it.

Balancing PvP for everyone in the Colosseum

  • All players’ base ATK and DEF stats will be set to 60 rather than be scaled with their level.

  • Player levels will still be the same, but they will not be factored into PvP damage

  • Weapon attack and armor defense will be cut by 4/5, so equipment level would still be somewhat impactful but still fair. ATK/DEF from equipment enchants would remain unaffected, so a low level with a really good equipment would have an edge.

  • Colosseum Blessing will have its damage reduction increased to 65% from 50%

  • (Phase 3 in mind) Ultimate Abilities will be disabled

  • Having more marks on hand should function as your Colosseum “level” bonus, making you more powerful (deal more damage, take less damage) until you claim the marks. This would prevent people from camping the entrance and encourage killing sprees and teamwork.

Making the Colosseum more discoverable

  • Moving the Colosseum to a place like the Great Crossroads where non-Hunters are more likely to find it would be a good call. It would also make it more convenient to reach rather than cutting through Seaside Path then Scallop Shores then towards the Colosseum.

  • Have Colosseum Runes cost silver instead of Marks of Valor; nobody deems it worth the marks

Encouraging players to stay at Colosseum for Marks

  • Have the player requirement message state how many more Lvl. 15+ players are needed to activate Mark of Valor drops (QoL)

  • [Optional] Reduce the player requirement for Marks of Valor drops to 10, only if 15 with the other changes still does not suffice long-term

  • If the server goes below the number requirement of Lvl. 15+ players, Marks should keep dropping for the next 5 minutes so people won’t leave instantly. This could be marked with a timer on top of the screen:
    Marks of Valor will stop dropping in [time remaining in minutes and seconds].

Something like this may cause the Colosseum to remain active indefinitely, which is very beneficial and adds continually accessible content to Vesteria.

I think these changes would further incentivize the Colosseum to all level 15+ players. Let me know what you think about these ideas.

I agree the vesteria colosseum 100% needs a rework this being a reality will be epic!!

I dont believe that the 75% damage reduction would be needed if everyone were all considered to be the same level HP and damage wise as that would make battles drag on for far too long. (unless I missread something)

I agree that the colosseum is far to hidden for non-hunters to find and connecting it to the great crossroads would work great.

This can be adjusted accordingly until the damage is decently fair for everyone. For all we know it could be fine at 50% with the other changes.

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Make runes cost silver not marks, yus pls. I go to colo to do daily only via kill trades (when theres enough ppl to get dropped marks its too laggy). One rune costs 5s, honestly that’s just not worth it. I just use a Hunter Rune and walk a little (I usually leave saves that I’m not working on in the colo).

Added these two ideas. Thoughts?