Rework of taxes

Many players are mad about how taxes are right now and I respect ber to develop his game but I have an idea to how make both the community and devs happy.

Why taxes?

Taxes as of right now are to stop the economy from over-inflating and not overflow money everywhere.

Problems from taxes

Casual players are over-burdened with a 30% tax and trading is a lot less common from my perspective.

How to fix this?

Instead of taxing 30% mushcoins per trade, tax 25% of your mushcoins per slot every week (Sunday, in my opinon) so this can bring back frequent trades, help casual players, and keep new players.

Please give some opinions on this!

I would hate a weekly tax, and it doesn’t solve anything.

The trading tax ha surprisingly acted as a great way to give Mushcoin some actual value, rather than its continued inflation.

If your idea was implemented people who play or don’t play will naturally have lost dozens of Gold for no reason at all.

True, I haven’t thought of that.

Just thought of something, if that player didn’t play for the week, he/she wouldn’t get taxed. Would that work? And weekly taxes would be better than trading tax imo.

What if I don’t play on a slot for like 3 months and I’ve been playing on other slots the entire time? There would be like nothing left. Trade tax is better and wouldn’t harm everyone for no reason.

if this is to solve inflation its short-lived
people will earn much more than the quarter they get taken away every week

Just find that people trade a lot less nowadays.