Rework mage bomb and thundercall

When I say rework mage bomb and thundercall, I don’t mean increase the damage of the bomb/thundercall as a disclaimer.

First, lets talk about magic bomb. If you’re a mage like me (and especially if you main mage and play practically only mage), you realize that the magic bomb can no longer be aimed. Along with that, the magic bomb also has slight gravity, meaning you can’t just aim your mouse at something and expect to hit it. If you play minecraft, think about how bow works.

I think we should allow aiming for the magic bomb, because in both PVP and PVE, it sucks whenever I use it. It feels less powerful because I have to guess if I’ve aimed high enough the target. Along with that, there’s no direct hit thing, but that just sucks for PVP and the multiple bomb thing is sometimes useful in PVE (in the cost of being kicked and sent to main menu)

Secondly, the thundercall’s range is so doodoo. If you’re a mage like me, you know that the thundercall range is really low. Sure, in the mushroom defense dungeon thingy, elder mushrooms can be hit all at once but in any other case, you’re just hitting like 3 mobs with a weak attack.

To make sure the 10 bolt thing that thundercall has is useful, there should be like a charge that makes it so the longer you charge, the more mana, damage, and range thundercall has. Along with that, perhaps make the max charge even have a stun.

in short, magic bomb should be aimable because no one can aim that, and thundercall should have a charge that increases mana, damage, and range because range so short

To be honest magic bomb shouldn’t have gravity affect It
Magic bomb also having no aim I think is a bug
Thundercall would be nice having increased range but this thing deadly in PVP if the mage has a good staff and you have high ping they definetly gonna catch you

Thundercall is fine as it is rn imo.
Magic bomb probably needs a small buff, I stopped using it and used maxed blink instead because I couldnt hit anything with it

I think magic bomb should be reworked COMPLETELY. Here’s my idea:

Instead of having it be a slow, moving projectile that is unreliable to hit because it’s so slow, anyone can just walk away from it – It should turn into a medium range move casted with a magic circle.

If you’ve seen mages in World of Warcraft, you would see spells like Blizzard (look it up) where you press the spell and a magic circle appears indicating its maximum range and AoE. Another example would be Brand in League of Legends where his W is exactly the same as the Blizzard.

If magic bomb was like this, it would have the exact same magic circle indicator showing its AoE. The attack would look like it’s erupting from the middle of the circle and expand into an explosion (similar to live one) The cast time should be the same as Thunderous Call, but make it so the player can move. As for the AoE, it should target Everything in the circle. So if someone is jumping above the circle, they would get targeted as well

It would be so much easier to hit, and much more rewarding to use against melee opponents especially in pvp.

well thundercall’s range is kinda doodoo and i cant hit scarecrows in one shot as a level 30 with lunar staff so thats dissapointing

id mention the basic attack but that’s hard to mention because people are just going to be like “but its ranged so its better” but imo its harder to hit than smacking people

i hope magic bomb aiming was a bug because like you said, you just have to guess the gravity

and not to get all scientific here but why does it have gravitational drop? its a manifestation of mystical energy, not a giant explosive, exercise ball

thundercall is a great spell but its base range is just too low, the charge idea is great and puts emphasis on casting time

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