Revin Community


The Revin community has always been very closed off to the public, but when public text channels were removed in the official Vesteria Discord, we decided to open up our community a bit more and started to advertise it so we could make a larger community to chat in. If you’re looking to join Revin, then I’m sorry to say that we’re currently not accepting tryouts at the moment, but we may put you on a waiting list since we like to keep our numbers low.


1) Be respectful to everyone inside the server. Disrespectful behavior is not welcomed.

2) Spamming is annoying and it will not be tolerated.

3) Swearing IS allowed however, do not become excessive with using profane language. Racial slurs won’t be tolerated either.

4) Attempting to raid will result in all users being banned without appeal.

5) No questionable links. Only ROBLOX, Imgur, YouTube, and Gyazo links are allowed.

6) Stay on topic, you are expected to follow the channel guidelines. Read the channel names and descriptions if you don’t know what belongs where.

7) No doxxing/sharing personal information. This includes asking for or giving away addresses or any other information that could be used to identify someone.


Better way to find efficient SQR parties

We brought this concept back after having had it removed for a while, but upon our return, it’s been re-added. With said concept, we’ve added a channel called #sqr. In this channel you may request to find people to party up with and run with you. Only people with the Dungeon Runner role may have access to the channel, as members have to be approved by those with Dungeon Master roles to have run the dungeon properly beforehand.

Server Trading Hub

This is pretty self explanatory, but we’ve added a channel called #trading-hub since #nilgarf was removed from the official Vesteria Discord server. There are no restrictions on this channel which means anyone can use it, and the only rule is to use the channel for its sole purpose.


Tryout Requirements

We are no longer accepting Tryouts until further notice.

Regular Requirements

• Must be in the server for at least 2 weeks

• Must have at least 4,000 total messages sent in the server

Staff Requirements

(Not yet decided)

Dungeon Master Requirements

There aren’t any requirements set in stone for this role. We hand this role out to people who help invite people to this server who run SQR efficiently. If you’re caught spamming invites to random people just to try to obtain the role here, you will be stripped of all roles aside from Verified.