Returning to Pre-Alpha Poll and Discussion

On Tuesday, December 10th 2019, berezaa announced the following on Discord:

This was followed with the following responses to questions:

(in response to when this is happening)


image (in relation to Vesteria premium)


So it’s a lot to take in. To sum it up:

  • Vesteria is going back to being considered “pre-alpha”
  • Price increase to 200 robux
  • Data wiped, but stored for later
  • Wipes frequent during this time
  • Experiments with new ideas that couldn’t be implemented in the main game
  • Vesteria Premium is (as of right now) cancelled, and is being replaced by Dungeon Keys and the Bounty Hunter gamepass (bounty book)
  • If you already own Vesteria, be it from beta or alpha, you maintain your rank during this time as well as when Vesteria leaves pre-alpha again. It is unknown what rank new players who join during this time will be given.

Individuals have had mixed opinions about this announcement so far. Many individuals have been optimistic and positive towards this new outlook towards the game, while others are being critical of it.

That’s why I’m curious about how individuals here on the forums feel. For now, I will leave it here with a poll. This isn’t a long post, or one trying to deconstruct the idea (as personally, I’m pretty excited for it). More just an information post. Anyways, here’s the poll.

Do you think Vesteria should return to pre-alpha with all currently proposed changes?

  • Yes
  • No

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sounds hella fun

Sounds good. As long as I get my data back eventually.
If I had to be honest, though, this sounds more like another rework update accompanied with a price and name change rather than anything actually being reverted.

I mean, when has anything ever gone wrong with data?

Yes I know it wasn’t actually the cause don’t lynch me please.

I think premium should still exist >:C

So wait… anybody who buys during this time gets Alpha?

No, it’s a weird thing, here’s the progression of what’s going to happen from what I can tell:

Pre-Alpha - Alpha - Beta - Pre-Alpha 2 - Beta 2 - Release (?)

Beta players don’t get Alpha, the game stays like it is right now but is just called “Pre-Alpha”.

Funny you should say…

Good to know that berezaa is actually doing it (with a few tweaks).

oh great, rogue linage 2 :l

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Yes, if you buy the game now which is in beta then you are automatically in pre alpha. You can also buy the game later when it’s at the pre alpha stage to get the same role

@berezaa does this mean that if I purchase vesteria’s pre alpha my beta tag will be switched to alpha, or am I automatically in the pre-alpha because of my beta?

You don’t need to re-buy Vesteria to play it. It’ll be on the same game.

sadness, I will never get alpha :frowning:
I guess that’s fair to alpha players though

do I gotta spend 200 more rOUX?
or will it be like
when it goes into alpha
all alpha players get the game if you didn’t buy the pre alpha
and same for beta?

betas and alphas keep the game when the price is raised or lowered

@Firebrowl you fear what you don’t understand.

well, i just thought it was cool >:C

Weekend play test 2, electric boogaloo.

So wait, is this a chance to not discriminated because I am a beta if I pay 200 robux?(aka if I pay 200 robux will I become an ‘alpha’?) Also will my data be lost if I bought it again?