Return The Old Mushroom Forest Map (Unpopular Opinion)

Let me tell you a tale, back in the old days of the Alpha, around March to be precise.
The Mushroom Forest was large, heaven-like place which was very huge.
You know the current music for the forest?

Nope, this music wasn’t the Mushroom forest back then.
The OLD music was heavenly and reminded you about how big (now small) the forest might be. The old forest was much bigger.
I will show some examples with old YouTube videos:


Really made you have to look around.

Huge deadly monsters in this forest would improve, too.

Yeah the music was banger. I don’t care if they don’t want to revert the map but at least use this music. Maybe not even in the mushroom forest, but please bro.

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If any vesterian developer out there has the music file PLEASE give it to me