Resurrect Upgrades

The title says most of it, Resurrect should be able to be upgraded, in my opinion to 3. To begin, after the new death penalty, Bere has already stated that he needs to fix the cooldown (60 seconds rn) to be balanced with the penalty, and that’s true, but another thing that can be also done pn top of that is make it up-gradable. What I suggest is it has 3 levels, and the basic unlock (or level 1) would be about 120 or 110 seconds (2 minutes or 1 min 50s), level 2 would be about 90sec (1 min & 30s), and level 3 would land on about 75-80sec. This would make Clerics more balanced in general, as they can either choose to have a longer resurrect and stronger skills, or a slower resurrect with slightly weaker skills.

I do agree with this; I believe Clerics are one of the only (along with Warlock, most are 10/10/10) classes that can actually max all of their abilities with just the skill points they’d have by level 50. I could see Resurrect going as high as level 5 with a 60-second cooldown.

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