Resurrect nerf was unneeded

I just saw Cleric’s Resurrect get nerfed from a cool down of 60 to 120 and an MP cost of 100 turned into 250. The way I see this, ‘average joe’ clerics just farming are not going to revive some random stranger in a MoKoTuAa or Chad boss fight, not if it costs them most of their mana and a few seconds. Also, please consider a certain buff for, say, Clerics after a successful resurrection, say, a free heal cast upon him/herself upon a resurrection, in order to incentivise revives to happen.

Edit: The cool down was changed accordingly, I really don’t see any need for balance there due to the new death penalty update, but please do make the range of the spell larger, just so you don’t miss the gravestone.

250 MP should still be under half of their mana, although you do have a point in that I don’t really see how it was necessary to increase it so much.

Good point, but yeah, it was nice at 100, not actually punishing to pop a ‘Heroes never die’ in SQ or otherwise, at least increase it by 50 but not 150