Response the allegations of exploiting

As many of you may have seen in the last couple of days I have been outed as a cheater and exploiter. I have written the following response to put some of these claims to rest.

Chapter one: addressing allegations
First of all I would like to address the allegations. I will provide a quote or picture as well as my response to such.


Response: So this one is dicey. I was dueling a lot of people, this kid got salty I kept winning. Got salty and called me an exploiter.

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Response: Look at this absolute hate and veracity towards me. To go so far as to start a club with rules excluding me from joining because of a few allegations. This crosses some lines.

  1. “I joined and I caught him red-handed
    Exploiting with the mobs next door
    Picture this we were both farming
    Mobs on the scallop shores
    How could I forget that I had
    Given him an extra :b:
    All this time he was teleport there
    he never took hacks off me”

Response: Yeah, this wasn’t me.

  1. image

Response: No! I cannot believe the things people come up with to slander a good player and optimal community member.

Chapter Two: Setting the facts straight
As you can see from the backlash above I have received nothing but HATE since buying this game and playing it like any other normal member. As for the “Teleporting” I am doing, blame it on my Think pad! I’m sorry not all of use can afford $5,000 alien ware laptops! The “Insta killing”, Just playing on satellite wi-fi, not my fault the packets get sent all at once. Finally the “selling your script for $2”, I wrote a script for a Vesteria movie that I want to sell. As I have told lots of you I have 1 buyer so far, so it must be good! These are the facts people! live with them!

So when it all comes down to it, slander and hatred make me want to sick to my stomach. Who would possibly cheat on Roblox? It’s a kids game for goodness sake! People are telling me there is whole communities doing this sort of stuff? I cannot believe the nerve! I would never!

I will continue to be a part of this community as long as I am allowed to (or get bored of it). Those are the facts of the matter. Good day to you all!

You cheating? How dare you ask me, an upstanding citizen such a thing!

/s if you cant tell

I’m crying just thinking all you’ve gone through and to those of you who bullied him one word. Sad.

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Sad is correct. I thought this was a open and free space where we are allowed to express ourselves!

One word: I was wrong!

Cyber-bullying should be abolished. This man deserves his freedom.

Thank you guys so much for your support, it means the world to me!

This guy has been punished. Geez, if you’re going to ruin other people’s experience by exploiting, don’t go bragging about it too.

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