Rerolling Skill Points

I would love a way to reroll our skill points.

As the game gets updated, the effects of upgrading DEX STR DEF and INT will change a lot. This could end up very poorly for people like me who have decided to go down the path of 100% strength. It would be awesome if there was a way to re-do the distribution of points, so that creating a new character as the meta changes isn’t necessary.

I’m not sure how you would do this, maybe you could complete a quest for a wizard, and the reward would be a shop where you could buy a reroll.
Please don’t make something like this a gamepass though.

I was thinking of this myself since I am a mage but I didn’t know that at the start so I have str its not gonna hurt that much but I would like to use the points I put into str into something else

or there could be a way where you could sacrifice yourself and your points and levels would go away but items and other important stuff wouldn’t go away

Id prefer that we stay away from sacrifices in this game, I really want to be able to reroll out skill points without having to start over

It would be Re-Allocating skill points but yes I noticed that wasnt in the game and it would be a very good addition, but would have to come at a cost obviously.

It Does Sound Like A Good Idea As I, Myself, Do Want To Relocate My Skill Points As Well.

I hope the ability to reroll skill points is added sometime. When I started, I was leaning towards a mage character, but now I’m thinking about making a hunter.

I and some friends had the same problems. In my case, I was leaning towards being a hunter at the start so I had most points allocated to Dexterity. Somewhere along the lines, I had changed my mind and decided to go Warrior. I was pretty much forced to make a second character to have a decent stat build. In my friends case, he planned to go Mage from the beginning but not really knowing how to play, he put most of his points into everything. Now he’s a level 12 Mage with only 8 points into Intelligence. I really wish they added a way to reroll skill points into the game. A scroll or item worth a good amount of gold or something that resets points would be a good idea. I just hope its not just straight up robux.

Actually, a dex warrior is one of the strongest builds in the game.

Any Explanations There @Alittar?

Dexterity boosts the most in term of all the stats.

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I Already Know That. But It Currently Only Increases 1 Of The 4 Stats It Is Meant To.

I still stand by strength being the best. I already thought it was good with the whole “doing more damage” thing, but i recently learned that it reduces damage as well, making it even better.

Would really like this feature! Its hard to try out different builds without making a whole new character right now :neutral_face:

For my Warrior build, I’ve went the route of Strength and Vitality only. No Dexterity or Intelligence. Strength because it makes me do more damage and lessens the amount of physical damage I take. Vitality for more health. I’m hitting harder and staying alive way better than most people I’ve seen. Getting Dexterity on a Warrior doesn’t seem like a good choice as of now.

Yeah! I hope they do add the ability to reroll skill in the future. I decided to go with Mage after all, as I didn’t want to wreck my build. Will probably make a second character that’s a Hunter, tho.

If you use the level 15 weapon, plus the crit chance of dex, you have around a 25% chance to do 300 damage a hit. At level 15.

Edit: At level 30, you’re doing around 500-600 damage a hit easy.

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Do you have any proof of the crit rates and damage output?

I’m Pretty Sure Alittar Is A Tester, So They Probably Have Tried Out The New Update.

Currently, i wasn’t able to get to level 15 in the playtest. No, i’m not a tester @Nofearon . But just using numbers and a few estimations from people that did get to level 30, i can safely say that’s how much a crit would be doing.